goodpasturefarm is not an actual place. The name comes from family genealogy and represents a space where we can reconnect with the past and take a respite from the present. At goodpasturefarm we celebrate the people who came before us and the ways they have shaped who we are today.

Let’s reminisce together...

Iowa Stories

A collection of stories which start in Iowa but don’t always end there. Representative of the Midwest, Iowa history is full of stories to tell. In 2022, we are putting a special focus on the year 1914, but not exclusively. Come along for a look at Life in Iowa, America’s Heartland.

More Stories

An eclectic collection of writings mostly of a personal nature. A little bit of something different.

Special Editions

In depth stories about people and events. Usually of a historical nature, these stories require more research to write. This is a space to dive-in a little deeper than usual.