So You Think You Can Blog

You Got This

I got it into my head recently that I should start a blog. I thought tonight might be a good time to get started on that.  I spent some time thinking about what I would name my blog and researching how many other blogs share those titles. Do you have any idea how many out-of-date blogs there are out there on the internet? Apparently, there are a lot of other people who also thought having a blog was a good idea, at least at first.)

The next step was try to figure out how I would access this website that I purchased a long time ago when we had a store. I've been paying to maintain it  just in case I might actually get back to something like that again. I have not worked on this site recently (two years if you can believe the date on my last posting). That process took me about 45 minutes of failed password attempts and failed attempts to figure out which of the several email addresses I have had over the years the request to change the password went to.

I finally arrived back where I started only to be faced with the daunting task of creating a password. I have a whole notebook full of passwords at home and two sheets of passwords at my work. When it comes to creating a password, I'm tapped out. Twice Word Press said I couldn't use a password because I had used it recently. How can that be? I haven't been on here for two years! That fact alone should have gotten me in. Who else would even try those inane combinations of letters and numbers?

Finally, I accessed my website only to realize that I don't actually know what the difference is between a post and a blog. The help menu was no help so I decided I should go look at my daughter-in-law's website.  She's a master at blogging so I knew she would have the answer. Her blog is on a separate page of her website, so that's where I thought I'd put mine. I successfully added a page which is title "The Blog" however as you can see, this post is not there. After an hour or more of searching how to do that, I had to give that part up (for now).

Hang, The Blog page, I'm ready to write something! So, I click on the "write" button and am faced with a blank sheet ready to accept my thoughts and ideas and creative energies. And suddenly, I have no idea what it is that I thought I might blog about. It's like I'm back in school and the teacher has just given the final instructions for the Iowa Basic Skills Test and my mother sent me to school without any #2 pencils!

I know sometime in the next few days, it'll come to me what I thought I might write about on my blog and when it does, I'll be ready (well not entirely, yet).  I can find my website, I have my password written down, and I've learned how to insert photos. But the point is, I started, which was my goal in the first place. At the very least, I'll have an easier time finding the place where I could write if I have something to say.

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