Thank God, I Have Better Things To Do With My Time

Lord, as I rise this morning, I want to thank you for all the life you have given me.

I thank you for allowing me to have a wide range of interests and relationships to fill my days with joy.

I thank you that at the end of each day, I have more that I want to learn, do and teach in the following day if it is given to me. 

When I started my website, I had no idea that in addition to setting up a place where I could share my writing with others, I was also providing a space where people who are so lonely and desperate and devoid of joy could spend their days trolling and trying to ruin it for me and everyone else. On a weekly basis now, I remove dozens of vulgar messages (and when I say vulgar, I mean vulgar) from others who I can only assume are not blessed with a joyous existence or meaningful activity. I can do something about that by installing a spam blocker but I confess this type of thing has become a real buzz kill to my creativity and motivation.

These trolls are also ruining Facebook where I was posting my stories. With their never-ending posts about Justin Beiber’s death (has anyone told the Beib he is dead?), duct cleaning and work from home opportunities they have supplanted any type of meaningful content.  Facebook was one of my primary motivations to write content. So, it has become a cyclical thing. I don’t want to visit my website because of the vulgar comments and I don’t want to visit Facebook because it has become a place where only the trolls live.

I feel sorry for trolls. Their lives must be very sad indeed and I know at some point, I will have the strength to fight them again but for now, I am thankful that I have better things to do with my time. Enjoy your temporary win, trolls.