Tidbits from Dysart, IA

Little Mementos From The Past

This is the view from Dysart heading north and is one of my all times favorites. On this page I will be sharing remembrances and artifacts from my days growing up here in one of the greatest small towns in America.
I saw this on ebay today and it made me smiled because I liked Ralph Holtz so much. I remember he had a popcorn machine and handed out free popcorn on shopping nights (were those on Thursday or Saturday?) and special events.

The First Dysart Reporter Ever Published

The Dysart Reporter was first published on March 22 of 1878. The Founder and Editor at that time was T.N. Ives who had previously been in Keokuk. His aims were lofty given the way that we experience media in 2020.

“We are moved by two great considerations in the establishment of a paper in Dysart, the first personal and material to ourself, the other common to the community at large. Although we shall devote a fair portion of our time and space to political and general matter, it is our ambition to make the Reporter preeminently a local paper, devoted to home interests, home business and home news. How well we shall succeed, depends greatly upon the support received. “

Mr. Ives ran the paper until April 14, 1882, when the paper was sold to Elmer E. Taylor who hired Mr. W.J. Endicott as Editor.

Below, is that first editorial column from 1878.

Ref: History of Tama County, The Dysart Reporter and “Stepping Stones of Time”

Businesses listed in the Dysart Reporter on March 22, 1878

Century Farm Publication 2003 The Messer Farm

Dysart Reporter May 15, 2003 A Look Back at the Past

“Era of foreign language disleasure” by Marie K. Vileta

Dysart Postcard circa 1898-1907 Looking Southwest down Main Street

I wonder how they got up high enough to take this picture? I find it interesting how far to the West the building extend off of Main Street.

Looking Back Column

Dysart Reporter May 2002

Dysart Reporter June 22, 2000 a retelling of the founding of Dysart

Arthur Sewall – early citizen

7 thoughts on “Tidbits from Dysart, IA

  1. Moved to rural Garrison from rural LPC w/ the folks in June of 1967, attended DG High and graduated in 1970. So was only around Dysart for 3-4 yrs but have fond memories of the town and many people met during that time. Enjoy your posts and those of others. Keep ‘em comin’!


  2. My uncle Melvin (Bud) Luze worked for Ralph Holtz for many years. So I remember Ralph too and the popcorn machine. And the Schlotterbach family published the Reporter in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s; my cousin Connie (Rexinger) Schlotterbach was married to Mike Schlotterbach, so I knew that family too. Gee, that was all back in the “good old days”…….


  3. I thoroughly enjoy reminiscing my hometown, Dysart ~ thank you for creating this site. I have only good memories of school and church activities during the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. I feel fortunate to have Dysart an important part of my growing-up years. Don’t visit as often as I used to when my mother, Marvel Fett, was living; but when I do come back, I always drive by my home on State Street. Only good memories!


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