The Dysart Iowa Tornado of May 31, 1958

My parents, Alvin and Edna Schutt, were not in Dysart the day of the tornado. When they returned to town this is how they found their home. Mom remembers they had a difficult time getting into the house. The next day was June 1 and they faced a busy month. I was born 20 days later and five days after that they moved to our home on Wilson Street. The house shown here was located on Clark Street. This house is no longer standing and in it’s place is a new home which is on the hill just north of the Middle School in Dysart near the corner of West Street and Clark. .

“There wasn’t time to get scared,” said Paul Wieck after he had witnessed the cyclonic fury of the Saturday noon storm which ripped open two Dysart business buildings as he stood in the office of one of them. Paul was in the driveway of the Wieck Feed & Livestock building at the height of the storm and saw the roof lifted off the long Farmers Lumber company building across the street. He then stepped into the Wieck office building and found himself looking out of an office without a front.

In those few seconds of devastation, the front of the Wieck office was torn loose and flattened on west Wilson street. Paul heard nothing of its going as the roar of the winds drowned all other sounds. Had he been sitting at his desk, he might have been dumped outside with the broken boards of the front. Total damage to the building and stock was estimated at about $2,000 by Ernest Wieck.


Huge trees were twisted in a giant grip, torn from their moorings and tossed aside. Felled were friendly shade trees at the F. C. Lewis, Ernest Wieck, Alvin Schutt, and John Burhenn homes. A massive tree crushed the vacant house on west Wilson owned by Mrs. Gertie Cone. (These houses were between the county road and West Street on Clark.)


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