Little Touches – Not Much Money

I am a thrifty person. Always have been, always will be.  It’s not really that much of a choice anymore, it’s just part of who I am. I can remember when our money was REALLY tight versus just tight and there just wasn’t any extra money to be had. At times it got really frustrating and I would just want something “new”. I would make a trip to the local dollar store or a garage sale and somehow $5.00 spent there on a few new items would help me release the tension and hold me for awhile.

Today, I love the dollar bin (now mostly $1.50 bin) at Michael’s. It can have the same positive effect on my mood. While Christmas shopping this year I saw some great little metal clip on letters at a specialty shop. There were similar to these:letter_e_round_metal_christmas_ornament-rd50c0472a64e46a187a521e4987c9828_x7s2s_8byvr_324


but even cuter. They were all metal and had a clip on them so you could fold them over a string or card. I thought they would look great as a banner. They were .90 each which is not much unless you want to buy multiple letters to make several words. So, I passed on them.

Last week at Michael’s I found some fun letters in the $1.50 bin and combined them with black and white twisted string and some small clothespins I had on hand and created my own banner. Including all the materials, I spent about $6.00 and I can change the banner anytime the mood strikes me!

I tied the banner to our metal bed. It looks like this:

Kiss Me

On my next post, I will share the curtain tie backs I made from the “dollar bin”.



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