Walnut & Steel Table Taking Shape

IMG_7666 IMG_7668

The dust has landed from our store closing and moving our stock into Lost and Found on Century SW . I have to tell you it feels great to not be a “storekeeper”. It has freed up time to create. The working part of the business is set up in the “barn” with lots of natural lighting flooding in. This week has been warm and sunny and awesome! There is something so refreshing about working outdoors in September.

I have had these slabs of about 2″ thick black walnut for about three years. When we had the store  a lot of people inquired about them, wanting to know if they were for sale or what they were going to become. I know that I told many of you what my plan for them was. Finally. there has been progress. I have a ways to go yet but the project is starting to show some promise. The bark has been removed and the shaping and sanding process has begun.

By working with Shawn at Cutting Edge we have designed and fabricated quarter inch thick steel plate legs which make this table look like it is growing out of the ground or floor on which it stands.  Shawn truly has an amazing talent and I am looking forward to continued collaboration with him.The table and benches are eight feet long. When finished the wood will have that rich walnut character  and the legs will be finished to compliment the wood.  Already wondering who’s space it will live in down the line!

IMG_7669 IMG_7670


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