New Beginnings….

It’s been an interesting and challenging year on the farm and today we find ourselves at the crossroads of change once again. Last September, after about 15 years of being vendors in three different venues in Grand Rapids, we decided to take a leap of faith and open our own store. For the past 10 months we have been operating Vintage on Lake Drive at 1503 Lake Drive SE where we offered our always unique furniture and home accessories. Summarizing a year’s worth of retail experience into one blog entry would be a daunting and unnecessary task. It would be like explaining a roller coaster ride second by second to someone else. They might be willing to listen to it but it would still not really give them the full experience. Besides, if they really wanted to go on a roller coaster ride, they would buy a ticket and go themselves. As the year drew to a close on our lease, we had to make a decision whether to stay or go and for a variety of reasons have chosen to go. Choosing to go is not the same as quitting, however. It just means we have decided to start again in a different way. Our little store will no longer be open it’s regular hours. Our lease doesn’t end until August 31 so we will be in and out bringing closure to that chapter but our regular business hours have ended. In the next few weeks we will be moving our furniture pieces over to Lost and Found at 445 Century SW. We will also continue to be a part of the Vintage Market the second Sunday of each month through September. We will be looking for more markets and art shows to participate in. We love the energy of those venues! We will also be working on our “online presence” which means a lot of new learning for us. As I write this blog the workshop if FULL of great pieces that are ready to be developed and it is exciting to know that closing the store is going to open up a lot of time for the creative process to occur. As we close the Vintage on Lake Drive chapter and return to goodpasturefarm it seems appropriate to at least give you a summary of some of what we learned even if you have never considered riding the roller coaster yourself:

You can do much more than you think you can.

There are some really amazing & wonderful people out there who you will never meet if you don’t mix your life up a bit!

People who own their own stores are some of the bravest people you could ever meet, support them if you can.

It’s okay to admit you don’t really like the way things are going & make a change, that is not failure.

That thing about finding out who your true friends are when you are in tough spot, that’s actually true.

We have amazing and wonderful children all of whom have supported us in their own way.

Without the support of Audrey and Josh Noorman none of this would have been possible for us and we adore them!

So here we go, another new beginning and a brand new day!


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