Fairy Garden

Summer 2013 008Last summer on goodpasturefarm I created my first ever fairy garden. The inspiration came from a sweet visit to the Amana Colonies in Iowa with my mom and daughter. Having never heard of this type of miniature garden I was fascinated and instantly inspired to create one for myself. The proprietor had a vintage child’s cast iron bathtub for sale which I purchased without much hesitation. But in true frugal farmer style, passed over the opportunity to purchase much in the way of props and furniture thinking I could surely come up with these for much less on my own, and I was right.  I started by filling the bathtub with some mulch purchased for other landscaping projects and then added a good solid layer of potting soil. I filled the garden with small plants purchased at a local shop which was the most expensive part of the project. I chose mostly groundcover plants but also a few taller plants so that I could create the illusion of trees and scrubs. Paths were created using small stones and mulch. An old miniature bird house which had already survived several summers here in Michigan became a cottage. I love to thrift shop and over the summer found some great accessory pieces to complete the garden including a miniature bird bath, leprechaun and angels. A lantern style solar light was used as a street light. Late summer trips to flea markets and garage sales netted me a porch swing on which my fairies could swing. It was an enjoyable project and grew lush and more beautiful throughout the summer. On those deliciously warm summer nights I was able to enjoy this new little world late into the evening thanks to that light. Fall found me wondering if there was a place inside the house where my fairies might pass the long, dark winter months and although I would have loved to save it, that was not practical. So a beautiful pink begonia given to me on Mother’s Day came in and the fairies stayed outside. I am looking forward to Spring and the time when I can again create this little world in a bathtub! Next year’s garden will most certainly look a little bit different but will still be a most peaceful place for the forest folk to live.

Summer 2013 010        Summer 2013 009

Garden 2013 010


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